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Owner Of Famous 'Tiger King' Zoo Loses His License Due To Negligence

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After an inspection of the newly-popularized Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, also known as the 'Tiger King' zoo after the Netflix docu-series, the zoo's owner Jeff Lowe's license has been reportedly suspended due to mistreatment of animals. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) sent in inspectors as part of a routine inspection only to find many animals malnourished and unattended.

They found a lion cub named Nala "lethargic, depressed and thin," reported National Geographic; a pair of arthritic wolves in concrete cages; a grizzly bear so malnourished that the bones show beneath its skin; a fisher cat with a leg issue; two tigers buried under burned rubble. 

Owner Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe have allegedly violated the Animal Welfare Act. The revocation of their license has received praised from animal advocate groups. "In terms of tiger exploitation, Lowe is one of the top players," said Lewis & Clark Law School's director of the Animal Law Litigation Clinic Delcianna Winders.

Lowe refused to comment on the license suspension but claimed by email to National Geographic that they're suing the USDA. 

Source: National Geographic