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Pakistan: Woman Dies During Childbirth After Doctor Forgets Towel And Sponge Inside Her Belly

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A woman died in Pakistan during childbirth after a doctor forgot a sponge and towel in her belly.

The incident occurred at District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) during her cesarean delivery. The obstetrician forgot a towel, sponge, and cotton inside the mother’s belly during the surgery, which led to her death shortly afterward.

The identity of the doctor and the woman have not been disclosed due to privacy concerns, but according to Pakistani media outlet Ary News, the woman’s family has staged a protest outside the DHQ hospital in Okara city over her demise allegedly at the hands of sheer negligence by hospital staff.

According to the details, the woman died after some time into her delivery, and later it was found out that there were surgical leftovers left inside her belly before she was stitched up.

At the moment, it’s not clear what legal steps are being taken against the medical staff at DHQ, but the news has surely evoked the wrath of internet users. One user, Azra Hassan, pointed out that this isn’t the first case of such negligence that has been reported. Previously, her cousin suffered the same situation, but she was able to make it out alive.

The status of maternal health is poor in Pakistan. An estimated 30,000 women die each year due to pregnancy-related causes. It is estimated that about 500 maternal deaths occur per 100,000 live births each year in Pakistan.