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Panic In Singapore As Clowns Found Lurking Outside Several Schools

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Singapore’s police were alerted on Monday after receiving reports about numerous sightings of clowns outside children’s schools.

Although the reports were worrying, it turns out that the loitering of the clowns was a part of a publicity stunt. The clowns were actually representatives of the Speech Academy Asia, who were handing out flyers encouraging students to join their public speaking classes.

Still, the police are investigating the matter, they have advised members of the public to stay away from strangers and to report any suspicious persons or activities to the police.

“The police are verifying the facts with an education centre on their alleged involvement in the incidents. Police investigations are ongoing,” it said, without naming the education centre.

A parent said his wife and daughter, who is in Primary Two, were approached by one such clown outside a primary school in the eastern suburb of Tampines on September 15.

Speech Academy Asia has received quite some backlash over its publicity stunt. Its Facebook page is bloating with critical comments, with people blaming the institution for compromising children’s safety for their promotional campaign.

One person asked, “what the heck were your marketing team thinking?”, and another slammed the so-called roadshow as “not amusing or entertaining at all”.

Responding to him, the centre said: “Please do allow us to apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are currently in the midst of discussion to see how we can rectify the situation.”

The academy said it would be “putting an immediate stop” to its roadshows but added it “would like to clarify” that the clowns do “not offer any form of monetary rewards for children to follow them” and “strictly do not take any children out of the vicinity”.