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Paris Hilton Claims Her "Simple Life" Persona Was Just a Character

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It’s hard not to have heard of Paris Hilton. In the expanse of her career as a celebrity (yes, I say her career as a celebrity), she’s done just about everything from being an actress, model, singer, business woman, or just plain riding on being the heiress to a multimillion dollar hotel empire.

One thing in particular she was well known for back in the early 2000’s was her show the Simple Life with Nicole Richie. The premise of the show was two rich heiresses doing “normal people jobs.” How fun right? (Okay, admittedly my sister and I were kind of obsessed with the show if for nothing else but to gawk at how out of touch these two were.) They were bubble headed and ignorant to the ways of the average American’s life, but that was the whole point of the show.

Well, now Paris Hilton is trying to convince the world that the way she acted on that show was not herself at all and she was merely playing a character the whole time that has transcended into the rest of her career. She announced recently that she’s been filming a documentary about herself, titled “This is Paris”, to show the world who she truly is and prove that she’s more than a bubble headed blond with a fortune.

Personally, I’m not convinced. But I’m willing to give her the chance to prove the world wrong because that is quite the fake out to maintain for 20-something years, but it’s not completely impossible.

Image from Paris Hilton's Instagram (@parishilton)