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Paul Rudd At His Most and Best Paul Rudd

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Have you ever wanted a show where you get to watch Paul Rudd just Paul Rudd all over the place WITH Paul Rudd as his own co-star? I never knew I wanted it either until now!

Netflix just dropped the trailer for its new original series called 'Living With Yourself.' The trailer depicts the life of Miles Eliot who, when finally fed up with being down on himself and his life, undergoes a mysterious treatment that creates a second version of himself who seems to be entirely better at living his life.

It looks charming, funny, and just a little bit unsettling, and I am a sucker for just about anything involving Paul Rudd because that man is a damn treasure. Check out the trailer and patiently wait for its October 18th release date like I now am!

The first trailer for Netflix's 'Living With Yourself' aired on September 16th.

Owned by Netflix from 'Living With Yourself' Trailer

Owned by Netflix from 'Living With Yourself' Trailer

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