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Pen Making Business at Home in Lockdown

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Ball making Business

This Business has two sides to do it either you can do it on a small scale or you can do it on a large scale. If you don't have the experience of managing a business, I will recommend doing it on a small scale. The ball pen-making Business is known for its low risk and the less amount of work, even the risk is less, but the income depends on your capabilities. This Business depends on your selling skills and contacts you have with the distributors in the market. You should avoid doing this business if there are more people doing this in your area. Because for getting customers that businesses already had reduced their profit margins and then if you want to enter this business then you have to keep your profit margin even lower than their profit margin which I think would not be profitable.

Below I am giving you the details regarding machines, materials, and labor. Machinery 

Adapter Fitting Machine:

This machine helps in fitting the adapter on the pen which is between the tip and the body of the pen. You just have to keep the adapter in a place in that machine and just press the barrel or body of the pen towards it, and the adapter gets fixed into the body of a pen through the force.

Ink Filling Machine:

This machine is used to fill the ink in the pen after fitting of the adapter. It involves a simple process to fill the ink. You just have to place the pen's adapter in a specified location and by pulling a lever it will transfer your ink in the pen.

Nip/Tip Fitting Machine:

This machine does not differ  from the adapter fittinh machine, but you just have to exchange an adapter with the Tip and follow the same procedure as the adapter fitting machine install the tip urgently after filling the ink, because the ink can get leaked if you keep it open for a long time

Logo Printing Machine:

Your pen requires branding to differ from other pens, so the logo machine is used to make your own identity in the market in the market. It requires a silver that is installed in the machine and then you have to place your ready pen in that machine and by just pulling a lever to put the brand which you want on your pen.

Centrifuge Machine:

This machine is the last but the most important machine to maintain the quality standards of the pen. This machine involves two or four wings generally to them and also has a motor attached which makes them work like a fan and produce Centrifugal force. You just have to place the pens in the glasses by pointing their nip towards the inner side. This machine removes the air bubbles that are formed in pen which will improve the quality of the pen.



Barrel is the major part to which we attach the Adapter, Tip, cap, and also in which we fill the ink. It is totally made by industry-grade PP (polypropylene). It is provided by those only who provide you the machines and you have to buy it in bulk to increase your profit margin.


Adapter is the part which withholds the tip to its place and allows the ink to reach the tip of the pen. It can be colorful and match the design of your pen. They also make it is also from PP plastic.


Tip is a part of the pen which is very important as it fulfills the major motive of the pen, writing. It is two types because in India the biggest and most good quality pen tips are made by CRI, the CRI tips are costly than the other second type of tip. We know the second tips as China tips, which are not as good in quality as the CRI tips.


Caps are used to cover the upper part of the pen and to prevent the pen from spilling the ink in case the situation arrives. They are also available in the color pattern you want and they are very much customizable.



If you want to purchase only some particular parts, you will have to pay more than usual and if you buy these machineries in sets, then you have to pay some minimal amount.

The pricing of the set depends on the quality of the set and the machines. I recommend you to buy the machines ranging from Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- they are also cheap and not that bad in quality.


The overall manufacturing cost revolves around 0.7 to 0.9 per pen and after this if you want to sell your pens in packaged boxes then it will 0.10/piece more charges for it.

After adding all the costs you will approximately get your pen made in 1Rs. Only. Now if you sell these pens to the distributors, they will value them at only Rs.1.5/- to Rs.1.6/-. And if you sell these pens directly to the Retailer then your profit margin will be over 100% because retailers buy these pens at a cost of more than Rs.2/- which will make a profit of Rs. 1/- for you if your manufacturing cost is Rs. 1/-.