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Penny for Your Thoughts: Let's Talk Coffee

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As I sit here with my morning cup o' joe, I'm musing over the many millions of ways people around the world enjoy their coffee. I've never been especially picky: grind the beans, pour hot water through the beans. Add cream if I'm feeling fancy. But it seems like every day I see a new social media post with increasingly ridiculous (and expensive!) coffee orders. The beauty of the drink is that it can be enjoyed whenever, wherever, and in any way you like. So tell me, community of Folkspaper, how do you take your coffee?

First, I want to know what size you like. Do you look for the biggest one possible, or try to limit the volume you consume? Or maybe your preference is somewhere in the middle? And of course, you might consider a different size depending on the caffeine content. Maybe you drink a smaller cup that's packed with caffeine, or a bigger cup for a smaller buzz. I don't know beans about coffee beans, but some are advertised as having high or even dangerous levels of caffeine, like the possibly-discontinued Death Wish Coffee Co. I remember from my college days.

What do you add to your coffee? I'm satisfied with plain cream, or even flavored coffee creamer (this morning I have vanilla and cinnamon), but what do you like? Sugar of course is an old standby, but we've concentrated it into syrups and additives that people seem to go nuts over-- yeah, I'm looking at you, Starbucks! In your opinion, what's the best way to blend a coffee? Do you top it with whipped cream, or add ice or foam? Tell me!

In the comments below, write your typical coffee order. Maybe you'll all give me some ideas for a homebrew alternative that saves you money!

Photo: Pixabay