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People are rent over a bridesmaid bringing her newborn to a 'child-free wedding.'

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People argue on what a bride-to-be should do when two of her bridesmaids expect to give birth around the time of her childless wedding.

A bride-to-be has divided opinion after attempting to find a solution for her bridesmaids, both of whom are expected to give birth not long before her adult-only wedding.

The bride is adamant about having no children at the wedding, but she has devised a clever workaround so that her bridesmaids may still enjoy the event while their children are nearby - but one of them isn't having it.

Okay, I need some assistance. I'm irritated and don't know what to do. I have two pregnant women in my bridal party, one due a month before the wedding and the other due in two and a half months."

"They were aware that the event was only for adults before becoming pregnant." And I told them that my fiancée and I would pay for a sitter for the five hours between the ceremony and reception while we were still at the venue."

The bride believes that this will ensure that both kids are well cared for and that they are still in the same building if one of the bridesmaids wants to check on them at any moment.

"One of them doesn't seem eager to have a stranger basically just watch as they can check on the babies whenever they want," the bride said before pleading with other Reddit users for advice.

People were divided when the original photo was reposted with a nasty remark that read: "Imagine being furious with your bridesmaids for becoming pregnant."

"Sorry, honey, we can't have children right now," one Reddit member commented. "Can we put our lives on wait so I can be a bridesmaid?"

"Regarding the sitter - you don't leave newborns with strangers," another commented. Also, if either of the new mothers is breastfeeding, going back and forth for five hours is too much trouble, especially when wearing elegant bridesmaid gowns that are difficult to get into and out of.

"Or, if breastfeeding is not possible, the babies will still need to be fed."

Another person pointed out that it didn't mean the bride was upset with her bridesmaids; she didn't want children at her wedding and was trying to figure out how to make it work.

"I don't think she's upset they're pregnant as much as it sounds like they're claiming their infants are an exemption to a stringent adults-only rule because they became pregnant before the wedding," they wrote.

"No one wants their ceremony interrupted by a wailing baby (or two), and I don't understand why anyone would want their newborn at a loud reception loaded with individuals you don't know whether they are sick or not," another commented.

"Especially at the end of a pandemic."