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People Left In Awe When Rapper Slowthai’s Picture Turned Out to Be A Cake

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The internet has taken a toll after realizing that musician Slowthai’s picture in hospital bed is not only fake, but it is actually made out of a cake.


Recently, a trend evolved where people were shocked seeing cakes that eerily resembled real items.

Many cakes were seen but the king of all has now emerged.

The Daily Star reports that a picture of rapper Slowthai went viral on the internet when people came to know that it is actually not what it seems.

The picture is from Slowthai’s videos song “Feel Away”.

Even though his head and torso depicted are real, the other body is entirely made up of cake.

All credit goes to Ben Cullen who is also known as “The Bake King”, who made this incredible cake.


The photos were posted on Ben Cullen’s Instagram page with the caption “When I turned @slowthai into CAKE! Tbt.”

He further elaborated that this cake was made for his music video “Feel away” and that all his body parts were made from “vanilla cake and chocolate ganache with sugar paste details!”

The photo reveals all the body parts cut into pieces.

The internet went aghast with one person commenting: “This is so disturbing!!”

Another person showed his confusion saying: “I’m not sure how I feel about this”

Furthermore, a person complained that “Noooo way, nope, no no no, we’re not bringing this trend back to life.”