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Personalized Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew with Images

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A nephew is no less than their own child for an uncle and an aunt. Like their own kid, they care and nurture him, shower oodles of love and affection, and covet to watch him grown into a one fine gentleman. Once time gone cannot be brought back, keeping this sentence in mind you make sure you create the finest memories with your little nephew so that when you look back, only delight comes in your heart. You can amaze your little nephew in a lot of ways and one of them is making his birthday celebration splendid.

But the prime question is, how to wish your nephew in the cutest possible way? Either your can rope in an exorbitant gift or you can organize a garish birthday party at some lavish place, but that don’t etch in the memories forever. What words can do materialistic things cannot. So, stop looking for ingenious ideas and stick to the plain old hand-written birthday greetings to wish your nephew. We have compiled some of the most alluring and heart warming birthday wishes for nephew that are created with immense love and sooth in heart.

  • Since you were a kid, my love for you has been growing and growing. You are a sweetest kid of our family and I wish and pray you do everything tremendous in your life. Happy birthday my loveliest nephew!
  • May you never break down, may you never get frightened, may you never leave the company of truth; I wish you always be victorious. Happy birthday to my victorious nephew!
  • I wish what you ask and demand you get instantly. I wish you command everywhere wherever you go. Blessings, prayers and hugs to you. Happy birthday my starriest nephew!
  • I pray may all trust and believe you. May your belief never get broken and nor you break anyone’s belief. I wish success always touch your feet. Wishing you love and happy birthday my darling nephew!
  • I wish and pray you never set your standard low. I wish one day you make us all proud of you. Happy birthday my glorious nephew!
  • May magic always happen in your life. May life for you be spontaneous. May you have that winning stubbornness. Happy birthday to most understanding nephew!
  • I wish may you live the moments in your life. I wish may you not run aimlessly. I wish you experience all the beauty. I wish may all your good thoughts come to reality. Happy birthday my thoughtful nephew!
  • No mundane, no boringness, no laziness catch you. May no evil touch you. May you forever be protected. Wishing happiest birthday to my hardworking nephew!
  • May your name spread in all four directions. May you become famous and popular. May you forever be the brightest star of the universe. Happy birthday nephew!
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful nephew! I wish you forever be smiling. May honey in your life always there. May colorful lights twinkle in your life. Happy birthday once again my dearest nephew!
  • If I turn back the clock for once, I would like to give birth to you and have the pleasure to call you my son. You are a remarkable and a special child in every sense. Happy birthday to the cutest nephew!
  • In my whole life, I have treated my children and you as equal. You are indeed a child prodigy and the walking source of happiness. Happy birthday my little nephew!
  • Hey little guy, it’s high time to cut your birthday cake, make you feel special, and loath you with your favorite gifts. Let’s have a blasting birthday party for my special nephew! Happy birthday to the loveliest nephew from the most beautiful aunt!
  • All my nephews are utterly sweet, cute as a teddy bear, and quite adorable. But, you are the most special and the closest to my heart. I will always be there to support your dreams. Wishing happy birthday to my ever cute nephew!
  • Though I am less emotional and reactive, whenever your aunt hugs you, she feels a wave of emotions rushing in her whole body. I will make sure your special day turns out to stand apart from the rest. Have a glittering happy birthday my nephew!

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