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Pete Carroll’s Super Bowl Mistake?

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Pete Carroll had a minute as lead trainer at USC that drove somebody to conjecture about his notorious choice to go from the objective line against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. 

Pete Carroll has won a Super Bowl and national title in college football and is extraordinary compared to other football trainers ever. In any case, he has had some agonizing misses that kept him from winning more. 

One of Carroll's most remarkable misses arrived behind schedule in the National Championship Game that ESPN re-circulated on Thursday night. Carroll's Trojans were driving - and confronting a th-and-at Texas with around two minutes left. They gave the ball to LenDale White, who was avoided the first down. 

Texas got the show on the road and later scored a touchdown to dominate the match. 

Seeing USC miss the mark on the run drove some to review the Seahawks' - misfortune to the Patriots in the Super Bowl in. Seattle was down - and had the Patriots with under seconds left. All they needed to do, was give the ball to Marshawn Lynch in a short-yardage play and they presumably would have scored and dominated the match. Rather, they passed and the ball was captured by Malcolm Butler to seal a doubtful New England win. 

So for what reason did Seattle settle on the flighty choice to toss the ball in that circumstance? Possibly on the grounds that the White run didn't work out for Carroll 10 years sooner. That is the thing that a Patriots source kidded in a book to Yahoo's Pete Thamel in the wake of watching the game on replay. 

That is as acceptable of a hypothesis as any for Carroll's choice. You're simply never going to have the option to adjust Richard Sherman's perspective on the choice.