Petition To Have Star Wars VIII Removed From Canon Nearing Its Goal

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There’s a lot of hate in the Star Wars community for the most recent installment of the franchise, The Last Jedi, and fans have made it known. Shortly after the film was released, and made 1.3 billion at the box office, discontent fans took to the internet to protest what they saw as the desecration of their most beloved sci-fi saga.

These viewers have let the hate flow through them.

In addition to bullying one of the female stars, actress Kelly Marie Tran, off of social media and refusing to let a single conversation about the film cross their Facebooks without upbraiding and arguing everyone who dared praise the fiction film about space wizards, they have launched a petition to have the 8th Star Wars film stricken from the canon. Their argument? That if Disney was willing to scrap over 260 novels and several official video games, such as Knight of the Old Republic, from the official lore then they can do away with one film that these viewers deem to be a disappointment.

And good grief, how entitled can you get? To think that nobody else should be allowed to praise and enjoy a film because it, “It completely destroyed the legacy of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi,” which I’m inclined to translate to, “my self-insert protagonist developed actual character depth and internal conflict and made choices that I don’t agree with, despite aligning entirely with the tone and narrative of Star Wars.”

The petition is currently at 110,000 signatures of its desired 150,000.

I loved The Last Jedi. I’m among many who feel that it was one of the best installments of the film series. Which is what Star Wars is; a film series. You wanna know why the Mouse decided that books and video games didn’t matter? Because they didn’t. The franchise started at part IV and having seen the movies is the only threshold for fandom. You don’t need to have read the books or played the video games in order to be able to follow the events of the 3rd trilogy.

And because it’s nice to see a Star Wars not mired in covert sexism and overt racism like the six films of the original and prequel films. This petition is worthless; it won’t change anything and I’m glad. The movie isn’t perfect, there are creative choices that even I disagree with. But if you call yourself a fan, and you’re willing to overlook midichlorians, Jar Jar Binks, the entire Pod Race, and most of the dialogue in Attack of the Clones, your bar isn’t all that high to begin with.

Calm down.

 ( source: Comic Book )

Comic Book

Petition To Remove The Last Jedi From Canon Is Almost At Its Goal

The petition to have Star Wars: The Last Jedi removed from the franchise's official canon is closing in on its goal.

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