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Petro, The Future For The Venezuelan Economy?

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Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro declared that the Christmas reward of the nation's retirees and beneficiaries will be paid to them in the national digital money Petro. 

The Twitter profile of nearby news outlet Venepress provided details regarding Maduro's comments on Nov. 17. This specific occurrence isn't the first occasion when Venezuela pushes Petro into the wallets of retired people. 

As Cointelegraph revealed in December a year ago, Venezuela in those days has naturally changed over retired people's rewards for the year into Petro. 

The crypto resource being referred to has been first propelled for a pre-deal in February a year ago and raised worries among remote onlookers from the beginning. In late August a year ago, Petro was at that point blisteringly reprimanded as a hazy "stunt." 

In any case, the national cryptographic money and digital forms of money, in general, are by and large progressively pushed by the neighborhood government. 

As Cointelegraph Spain announced, the Deputy of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, Francisco Torrealba, said that he accepts all monetary standards, will be supplanted by digital forms of money. 

Talking about Venezuela, Torrealba asserted that the nation is confronting an incredible change, and Maduro is making an "extraordinary commitment" to the nation by making the Petro. He finished up his meeting by saying, "everything will be from this money [the Petro]