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Pfizer-BioNTech send out first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine

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On Sunday, December 14th, Pfizer-BioNTech shipped out its first truck carrying the coronavirus vaccine from Portage, Michigan. The first wave of deliveries is set to supply 150 primary locations, the second shipment is set to be delivered to 450 locations. The shipment is being sent to frontline workers in critical areas throughout all 50 states, they plan on the shipment arriving by Monday. The Pfizer vaccine is the frontrunner for the biggest vaccination effort in American history. So far over 1.6 million people have died from COVID-19  and over 71 million people have caught the deadly virus.

The Trump administration has been pressuring the Food and Drug Administration to expedite approval on the vaccine in part of their plan "Operation Warp Speed". Trump claims if he weren't president it would've taken "five years" for the vaccine. "If I wasn't president? According to almost everybody, even the enemy, if I wasn't president, you wouldn't have had a vaccine for five years... OK, I pushed the FDA and companies and everybody else involved like nobody's even been pushed before," he claims.

The first shipments of Pfizer's vaccine are planning on being staggered, says federal officials. On Monday, 145 distribution centers will receive their shipments, then 425 on Tuesday, and 66 more on Wednesday. The vaccine is being dispersed based on each state's adult population, BioNTech stated. Health care workers and nursing home residents are the first expected to receive the vaccine, followed by at-risk individuals and essential workers.