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Philadelphia's Four Seasons Total Landscaping speaks about Trump campaign's press conference

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When Four Seasons Total Landscaping's phone rang at 8:45 AM in early November they had no idea what they were about to get into. The Trump campaign told the company that they were looking for a place in Philadelphia along the I-95 corridor to host a news conference and asked if they could come look at the building. Sean Middleton, the director of sales, agreed to let the campaign come and look. "We thought it was nonchalant," he said, "it wasn't even determined that it would be at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, it was just 'Hey, you're one of the areas.'" By 11:30 AM the campaign had chose the landscaping company to be the location for their press conference. A press conference that became an international sensation with Rudy Giuliani making baseless claims about election fraud.

Michael Siravo, son of the owner Marie Siravo, saw Trump's tweet, "You know how you can make those fake tweets from Trump's handle? That's what I thought it was until my phone started blowing up." Middleton and Michael Siravo helped the campaign set up and offered their computer for printing and their garage door as a backdrop for the press conference.

"It was a pretty quick set up, I mean, obviously you saw what appeared on TV." Middleton commented.

When Marie Siravo got the call about what was going on she was buying bagels and by the time she made it back State Road had already been blocked off. She had to sneak in through a back entrance, "It was like, somebody pinch us, we can't even believe this is going on." Marie made it clear that it isn't about politics and they've taken a "nonpartisan stance and want to remain neutral." As soon as the news spread Marie Sriavo said he phone was ringing off the hook with news outlets trying to get a hold of her, "Washington Post, USA Today, every news media outlet..." 

Unfortunately, the company quickly started receiving hate from people in both political parties, their email and social media accounts were spammed with conspiracy theories and and cutting messages. The next morning Michael and Middleton drafted a statement on the company's neutral stance hoping to diffuse the tension. Soon after the pair started retweeting jokes about the whole event and selling merchandise. They said the hate mail slowed down once people realized that Four Seasons Total Landscaping was "in" on the joke.

Through a series of random events the company has brought in a lot of profits not only for themselves, but for charitable events as well. Currently they are hosting a Toys for Tots drive in partnership with St. Christopher's Hospital along with a clothing drive to collect old winter items to donate to people in need. Since the press conference the building has become a tourist attraction, every day there are people who show up to take pictures and there's an online petition to try to make the building a historical landmark. Marie said she considered moving to a bigger location earlier in the year but now, "it's just like, how could you ever get rid of this place, you know?"