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Photo reveals true horror of US coronavirus crisis

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The photo showing bodies piled in a vacant hospital room was shared with CNN

Emergency room staff at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit have shared photos that show bodies piled in vacant rooms as the hospital struggles to cope.

The pictures were shared with CNN by staff at the hospital.

“Bodies are definitely double stacked on the floor. There is no lift to help put the bodies on the shelf,” one health care worker who has witnessed similar scenes during the pandemic told CNN.

More than 10,000 deaths have now been attributed to the crisis in New York, with local health authorities now counting those who probably died of coronavirus but were never tested or confirmed to have it.

The state of Michigan, where Detroit is the capital city, has more than 25,000 confirmed cases, and over 1600 people have died.

In response, US President Donald Trump has instructed his administration to stop funding the World Health Organisation (WHO), accusing it of mismanaging the pandemic by responding too slowly.

US President Donald Trump is trying to get the economy restarted before he faces re-election in votes scheduled for November. Picture: Mandel Ngan/AFPSource:AFP

Mr Trump has also been accused of doing the same thing by people who noted he continued downplaying the seriousness of the outbreak long after WHO had already declared a global health emergency at the end of January.

As thousands continue to die in the US daily, attention is already turning to “restarting the country” in the hopes of saving its economy from further recession.

The personal effects of the deceased are believed to be inside the blue bags that sit on top of some bodies in the picture.