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Pick Smart Over Mindless App Games

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Being addicted to your phone, and more specifically addicted phone games, is never a good thing. We spend way too much of our time staring down at a screen and tapping away. But with our minds that hate idleness, it's hard to escape the tempting pull of an app game every now and again.

If you're going to be playing app games anyway, allow me to make a suggestion. Instead of playing mindless app games with no real end goal, sometimes try playing a game that exercises your brain while also being fun. 

One game I love to play on my phone is CodyCross. It's a crossword-esque word game delightfully accompanied by a little blue alien discovering and exploring the universe. It's charming and challenging, but not impossible. I find myself genuinely puzzling out clues at certain times and feeling the quick satisfaction of getting an answer right immediately at others.

The point is, if you're going to play app games, find ones that make you do a little bit of work. Find something that when you finally put the phone down after being sucked into it for half an hour you can say "Well that wasn't a total waste of my time."

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