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PinePhone - Linux in Your Pocket (All Details)

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As you know the truth about the smartphone operating system, there are only two of them were dominating the whole market, Android and IOS.

Before these operating systems came, there were a couple of operating systems like Nokia’s Symbian, Blackberry’s BlackBerry OS etc. that people were using on their devices.

But these are not as much as the Android and IOS right now.

Microsoft also tried to come into these smartphone OS games and as you know very well that was a complete failure because of very low application support.

And talking about Kai OS, that is only good at controlling feature phones.

As Android and IOS are very developer-friendly and have large app support, these OS came into the mainstream very quickly.

Although Android is based on Linux, we can do basic Linux stuff by using third party terminals (such as Termux) but, we can hardly explore the core functions of Linux.

And for that reason, we need a particular Operating System so that we can use all the functions of Linux and need a particular community that is not so mainstream.

There are some Linux distros for smartphones are already available such as Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, Plasma OS etc. but these operating systems do not support a large number of devices and also don’t have large app support.

You can do most of the things in the terminal instead of posting stories on Instagram 10 times a day.

So, to solve the hardware problem for Linux Smartphone OS, Pine 64 came with their new smartphone that supports all the Linux distros available on smartphones out there.

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