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Play 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' for Free Right Now

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Fans of the Epic Games Store and of the Warhorse Studios original game 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance" likely already know about the current Epic Games deal running through February 20th. Yes, that's right: you can play the open world RPG for free right now, with a quick visit to the Epic Games Store. My recommendation is that you jump on this deal right this second.

If you want to play and avoid spoilers, read no further. In this game, you play as Henry, the son of a blacksmith in 15th century Bohemia, in the Holy Roman Empire. The attention to detail and historical accuracy is truly astounding: the maps, period dress, politics, and social systems mimic what we know of the real-life setting from centuries ago. Henry must avenge the deaths of his parents, who tragically perish in the sacking and ruin of his hometown. On his adventure, Henry must develop specific combat and non-combat skills, including drinking, horsemanship, lockpicking, and reading. While balancing the need to eat and sleep, Henry can become any combination of average joe, supreme knight, or somewhere in between. The game doesn't need magic weapons or evil curses to be endlessly entertaining.

Go to Epic Games right now and get the game for yourself. What do you have to lose, except hours getting lost in the exploration of 15th century Bohemia? I promise, hunting wild animals for food and learning to read has never been so fun.

I do not receive commissions from any purchase from Epic Games, Warhorse Studios, or any affiliates.

Photo: Pixabay

Get the game for free here.