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Pocket Camp is the Animal Crossing Nostalgia Boost We Need

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Growing up, I spent probably too many hours on my Gamecube, perfecting my 'Animal Crossing' town. I did my neighbors' chores, planted flowers, and tried mightily to pay off my debt to Tom Nook. So, like many players, I was very excited when Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hit the App Store and Google Play over 2 years ago.

Recently, I revisited the app on a whim, wanting to see what features I've been missing out on since I uninstalled it months ago. In addition to the charming, customizable campsite, RV, and cabin, as well as the ability to share your acquired wardrobe with your animal friends, there are now paid subscriptions.

Subscribers can pay $2.99/month for a "camp caretaker," who gathers event items, fulfills requests, and runs the campsite while you're offline. It even reduces crafting time for items you need to invite new animals to the campsite. One of the things I love best about the app, however, is that it's completely possible to play and progress for free, which is great for casual players like me.

It brings back my fond memories of playing former versions of AC, where my tasks were simple, and there was no huge competition looming over completion. The game was never really 'done,' just waiting for my return. Honestly, this kind of relaxing game experience is what we all need to slow down.

Photo: Screenshot from my own Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game