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pocoX2 smartphone sales in india started feb 4 this smartphones under 18.999, lets see the smartphone advantages and specification. | smartphone review 2020 | full review |

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Hi there, in this article, let's do the un-boxing of the poco x2, and this is a new poco after a long time. If you recall, the poco f1 came almost about one and a half years ago. You were expecting a new poco device so. Finally, we have this.  is the known as the x2 and over here if you see either the name of the developers and testers who helped to create this one so yeah and at the back as you can see it's, supposed to have a 6.67-inch screen but they are giving a 120Hz screen which we haven't seen in this price range. the pricing will be 15.999. Let's see when we get that, and this also says the flagship camera 64 megapixels. It has a 64-megapixel main sensor that's a Sony sensor, and we have a quad camera setup we'll talk about it later. 

and it's part with the Snapdragon 730 GSoC and has a 4500mAh battery, and it says that it has a 27W (Watt) fast charger that bundled in the BOX, so that's a good thing so let me just quickly open this up. 8 gigabyte RAM variant that comes with 256 GB of storage it'll also come with 6 gigabytes of what is a ram that we have 64 or 128 so let's quickly open this up, and the box is quite big, and bright yellow box that we are getting so looks like it opens like this we have the sim ejector tool over here. Some people work and stuff, and we also have a transparent case that we are getting, so let me keep this to the side and say it just says poco over here nice cream Rob and we haven't this bright bluish color it looks nice. The back is again glass guys I did confirm and you this bulge it's not a buzz it's an optical illusion it's flat but look so pretty cool anyways I'll keep this to the side and let's see what else do we get so what a bit big big big box and USB hopefully type-c cable yes I'm assuming yes USB type-c cable that you are getting and this big charger, so it's nice to see that they are finally giving a 27W (watt) charger in the box, so that's what we get so let me keep this to the side and now let's have a look at this handset itself. first, let me give you a solid overview here; we also have an IR blaster on this one, so that's nice, and we also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone, and according to show me we have gorilla glass on the front as well as on the back.