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Police Find Stolen 15th Century Vase During Raid In London. It Costs 2.5 Million Pounds

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Chinese porcelain made during the Ming dynasty, characterized by elegant designs and plaid colors was stolen from a collection in Switzerland last June, and it was alleged that an organized crime group had conducted high-value burglary. It has been reported that the 15th-century vase cost around 2.5 million pounds at the time when it was looted from the antique collection. But thanks to a police raid, the vase has since been discovered, prompting further investigation into what is believed to be complex and sinister larceny.

Last week, police in Charlton, South London raided several locales as a part of their operation against counterfeit currency. While the raid had always aimed at breaking down the circulation of false currency within London’s gangs, what they discovered was absolutely stunning. The rare vase wasn’t the only surprising find, as the police also unearthed class-A drugs and tasers during their operation.

Last week two men, aged 42 and 44, were arrested in Mayfair in central London as suspects in the vase robbery. While they were held for their alleged participation in the stealing, they were later released on bail and a hearing against them is now pending.

While the vase itself costs 2.5 million pounds, sources suggest that its cultural value is simply not measurable.

"Whilst this vase is valued at around £2.5m, it is a one-off and unique and therefore has immeasurable cultural value. It will be repatriated in due course," says Det Ch Insp Jimi Tele. "This is a significant step forward in what remains a complex investigation into a high-value burglary.”

Source: BBC