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Politicon Is A Thing, and I'm Going

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Politics are personal.

Politics are how our values are reflected on a global platform.

Calling politics a game is an insulting misnomer that undercuts the very real and lasting impact the decisions of a few powerful people have on everyone else.

So, naturally, there is a comic con for politics that takes place in California. It brings the movers and shakers of American political punditry and comedy together in the best economy the US has (fifth best in the world) to discuss the state of the Union.

It sounds like a horror show, and I can not wait.

With ten stages and events like debates between The Young Turks and Fox News, a panel with Tomi Lahren - the captain of the Klan's cheerleading team - across the room from a Q&A with John Oliver - the most British American, it sounds like an incredibly confusing cornucopia of diametrically opposed political viewpoints.


Again, I couldn't be more excited.

The convention takes place in October, and the 2019 lineup has not yet been announced.

For more information, go to


Politicon, Pasadena, California. 10K likes. @Politicon #Politicon2018 ANNOUNCEMENTS coming JULY 9!

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