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Ponder Session: Rediscover Songs You Forgot

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About a month ago, some friends and I were making an exhaustive playlist for a party I was having. We were trying to come up with a good mix of current songs and throwbacks we all loved at one point in our lives. We ended up coming up with some forgotten gems that would get each one of us excited in turn as we shouted out each one. There was one artist whose music was escaping me, nagging at the back of my mind, but it wasn't until two weeks after the party that I realized who I'd forgotten. When I finally remembered who, I dove back into her old hits and felt a surge of appreciation because I had forgotten how good she was.

The feeling of rediscovering music that you once loved is such a wonderful feeling that can't be explained. It's like reconnecting with an old friend but with the slight euphoria music brings to the brain. Listening to a song you haven't in a long time transports you through time in a way like nothing else does because so many memories and moments can be connected to music. 

So, try digging deep in your brain one of these days for some artists you thought you forgot. Go back and listen to those songs that have such strong and beautiful memories attached to them so you can't feel anything but happiness listening to them. Music has a beautiful tie to emotions, and if something has that much power over you, you might as well let yourself feel it.

Image from Mohammad Metri on Unsplash.