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Ponder Session: Scent and Memories

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Do you know it’s said that smells are most closely tied to memories? Memories are what tie us to the past and remind us of the experiences that have molded us into who we are today. We remember the feeling of the wind in our face as we jumped off of a swing for the first time. We remember the song that was playing when we had our first kiss. We remember the taste of our ice cream from that one summer day with our best friends.

But how often do you actually hear someone say they remembered what it smelled like on their wedding day or on that day they got a big promotion at work? It certainly happens, but not as often as we reference our other senses when recounting a story or memory.

So why is our supposed strongest link to memory so often overlooked? What is it about our sense of smell and the nature of a scent that makes it so strong in connection to our memories, both good and bad?

As a psychology lover, I think about these kinds of things and the deeper meaning they hold for us. Perhaps our sense of smell being more passive than our other senses is exactly what ties it to memory. After all, when our brain creates a memory we’re not actively aware it’s happening, so maybe simply passivity loves company.

Photo: Anita Jankovic on Unsplash.