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Pope Francis Joked That Scotch is "Real Holy Water?"

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So, did Pope Francis really joke that scotch whiskey is the real holy water? And then had it cut out by the Vatican, from the documentary?

The answer is, according to Vatican diplomats, there was indeed a film of Pope Francis, holding up a jug of Scotch whiskey and portraying it as "the real holy water," which was immediately cut by the Vatican, from a narrative on Scots College seminarians in Rome.

The the-83-year-old pontiff was given a jug of Oban malt from the crowd during a gathering at the Apostolic Palace a year ago. Be that as it may, Vatican media demanded Pope Francis's joke, be cut from the film, before it pretense Sunday. 

Executive Tony Kearney, who helmed the hour-long "Priest School" for BBC Scotland, followed the seminarians over months, and: 

"We shot the understudies meeting with the Pope in the Apostolic Palace. One of them was entrusted with giving the Pope a container of malt. And since they realized he enjoys whiskey, Kearney disclosed it to England's The Day by day Record." 

"He was truly sensible with them all, and when they gave him the container, rather than simply giving it to his right hand as he regularly would with a present, he held it up and said 'Questa e la vera acqua Santa Clause', which signifies 'this is the real holy water.' 

The executive said the pontiff "roared with chuckling, and it was a genuine ice-breaker with the understudies, and set everybody straight." 

"In any case, we had concurred that the Vatican's media office would be permitted to favor the entirety of our recording before we communicate it...We were truly irritated from the start, yet they demanded they didn't need the pope to be believed to support whiskey, Kearney said. "I believe it's very interesting, especially how monitored his picture is."