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Popular YouTuber Comes Out as Trans Before Her Blackmailers Can Do it for Her

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Popular makeup artist and beauty guru Youtuber NikkieTutorials dropped a powerful video today coming out as a trans woman. She's been blackmailed in the past by an unknown source (or sources) threatening to out her, so she did it herself before anyone could.

In the video, she discusses how it’s a part of her life’s story that she always wanted to share but simply couldn’t find the right time or lens to tell it through. She also notes, that technically people already knew, or could know, simply by watching her videos back because she began her full transition when she was 19 and already prominent on YouTube.

This video is a powerful story about an individual feeling comfortable in their own skin and taking back the power of their own narrative that too often is stolen away from them through people who like to hate and tear down others. She represents just one of many who suffer through horrible circumstances just to stand in the light of who they truly are. YouTube can be just as ugly, hateful, and corrupt a place as any, but there is still light and hope within that space. Individuals can still stand as role models to a generation of kids that contains many who will go through similar experiences and will now feel a little less alone because of them.

Watch the video of her story!