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     I maynot write a lot but i keep my posts active n fresh on time. They try writing bout animals, technology or stuff which concern science a lot yet i keep my writing smooth bout what i feel or do when it's time to record down as composition. 

    Saying isn't making it headlines while writing down matters can attract better cause words with subtitles such as notes i write have power to influence n let readers read anytime again. Most important is I dont neglect a bit of my activity or daily. Need share to world to brighten someone's day like dew is cool on leaves n door knobs. 

    This is my speech to encourage people to write more cause it's addictive when u try expressing your nature or doings. Through words we stand but fail when not hearing them or from me an author. Journeys r tough yet don't give up to goals when they special forming u a achieved human when someday u get there to top of everything.


    Lucky u here to hear me out