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Post-Corona Earth : How our world might change 4/n

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" ... It was the best of times and it was the worst of times .."

- Charles Dickens

I am no economy expert, but I am living the same reality as them. Speculation based on educated guesses has been core intuition mechanism for risk taking and survival in humankind.

Here are my top predictions how might world economy and human society as a whole might develop into -

1. People are now gonna start saving more!

Capitalism has suffered enough blow due to the Corona crisis. Markets are down! Trillion dollars worth of value wiped off! Daily wage workers are at home with little to no savings!

Many western governments have come out and passed out stimulus packages, but the poorer countries cannot afford that! They are even struggling to keep floating the business in their country. Even in the leader of the free world, the US of A had seen surge of unemployment filing s close to 3 million in a week. So just imagine how the poor in poor countries might be affected.

Credit/consumer driven economies will be the worst hit. As more and more business shit due to cash crunch and little to no business such as tourism industry, more and more people will be laid off, hence many people defaulting on their loan payments.

So in a nut shell people after the crisis won't resume to spend their cash because they would have little to be begin with. Also they now know that such crisis might happen again. Humans learn and adapt!

2 Change in Healthcare policies

Doctors, Nurses , sanitation workers , Policemen , delivery staff have been at the frontline of this fight against virus and make us see the edge of our healthcare systems around the world.

Most government and citizens of the countries have taken notice that the healthcare facilities have lacked, that too BIG time. So redefining of the health care system is a must and more policies would soon follow.

This crisis has also put the governments on their toes to put out disaster management plans and also testing times for the bureaucracy of the respective countries on how they handle this.

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3 Theatre distribution of independent/low budget films would almost die now

After this crisis, people are going to re think about public spaces. The theatre going experience was already in the pricy side if you add drinks and dinner with the movie show with family/friends , so you would only plan such nights for a big Indian/Hollywood blockbuster where you get the full dopamine burst and not spending money on a experimental low budget feature which you can probably watch on some web platform.

4 Cooking and Cleaning are important virtue now!

Anything this lockdown has impacted us is how and what we eat. People who didn't cook have now started cooking and the unavailability of servants / maids have pushed people to clean their damn house. One of the positive for sure.

5 Constant fear of Impending doom

Let's put on out tin foil hats and for a second think this is a bio weapon from wuhan virology lab. Or maybe it is. Who knows , but the fact that some unknown factor can affect your present and future so deeply would have a profound subconscious impact on our psyche.

These were on top of my mind, would come back with another blog if I want to add more.

Picture credits : Shutterstock

Thanks for reading !

Aniruddh Adeshra