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Powerful cognitive biases and principalities 2

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Powerful cognitive biases and principalities 2

Contd from the first part of this article... Suppose you pick a company, and try to sell an idea on the condition that you will get the bigger half of the profit made from that idea and the idea is not just anything but something that could double and triple the profit of the company. Theoretically you can start making big bucks without wasting your time or effort. Now it is difficult to patent the idea so people try to pitch it under non disclosure agreements. Let me give you an example. I'm a bit out of ideas at the moment. Suppose it is a singing record label company. Maybe you can sell them your technique. Here is one i am using and discovering day by day: Any neural net represents an object. Could be abstract. The heavy biases of the neural net can be thought of as characteristicks of the object. What if a bias is super heavy. The object becomes it. So what happens if jesus is the heaviest bias in my life. Identity is the heaviest bias. More of christ less of me! Boom.!! So after believing in jesus, i'm so touched by the passion of christ that i start to tear up just by thinking of it. I have accepted this as my life. Anyways the singing technique: When someone gets emotional while singing the quality of the voice changes noticeably and becomes better more touching. Practicing in this mode has made my voice better. I think. I have an illusion of grandeur that i scarred and enterred into a trauma while singing and using my emotions too much. My voice became beautiful but my heart was scarred. So i sought a solution and got it. When we are in deep states of meditation, like immediately after waking up, our minds are so focussed,they are actually heavy to move. And can handle immense emotions. Illusion of grandeurs. Courtesy of watching too many movies in late teenage years. Anyways suppose i want to sell these ideas. I once tried to sell an idea to adidas i think. Put a smartphone vibrator in your shoe and a lidar or radar, and it will vibrate when sensing obstacles preventing people from tripping. Also you can record the footfalls of record holder athletes in vibrations. So that the shoe wearer will be able to sense and compete with the pulses. I sent this in an email and i got no reply. Sent lots of emails with lots of ideas to many companies. Never got a reply. Anyways suppose the decision maker of the company rejects the idea. In my illusion of grandeur i go above to the shareholders and pitch it to them under a non disclosure agreement and they adopt the idea. Because it makes profits and we share it. The company is under a powerfull cognitive bias. Make profit. And there is always a junior who wants more and wants to rise higher. In my illusions of grandeur i just align myself to that cognitive bias. And ways open up. The cognitive bias is like a valve that just forwards all agenda that is for it. I think. So the future of every principality is becoming a government. The bible lays this out clearly. If you read it you will find it is like a constitution for something called the kingdom of heaven. Which brings me to one of the most powerfull cognitive bias. I think i will write about it in my next article. Because i want you to read my article:" evangelism practice 01" here on folkspaper. Otherwise the good news will be spoilt.