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Powerful cognitive biases and principalities

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Powerful Cognitive biases and principalities

i have heard this from Swami Mukunanda: greed is larger than the whole universe because you can have the whole universe and still be greedy for more. cognitive bias shapes the critical factor of the mind i think. Critical factor is something which helps us filter stuff and decide and judge what that enters our mind. Like seperation of the real from the unreal. Suppose you say to a child that the grass grows in the sky. He will happily accept it. But an adult will question it. a cognitive bias is what shapes our decision making i think.It shapes our perception therefore our reality. If you tell someone that hey dont let anyone litter in this garden and if he accepts it then he will also be less likely to litter in the garden. a principality is a body that has a powerful cognitive bias and it changes the reality of others who come into its influence. Like shiva: " i am friend to all good to me and evil cannot touch me but if i find the general energy of the universe to be against love or me, i will end everything in my path, if the universe is against me i will end the universe and start anew." His cognitive bias is so strong that if anybody asks somehing from him, he says thathastu. Which means this is how you will end.(thats why hindus dont ask anything from Shiva). Another example is Like buddha: "put happiness into the heart. Thats right it comes from inside, from the soul. Ego is an illusion. Ego is what suffers. Escape ego, escape the universe. Help buddhists escape the universe. If it is something else then accept it and escape it."(i think these are his cognitive biases.) Or the kingdom of darkness as mentioned in the bible:" lead those made in the image of god to hell by all possible means. Try to Defy God. If you can't delude yourself that you've done it". Or angels: " love God with everything you've got". ( because they honour God, they have the presence of God and the glory of god around them). if cognitive bias is strong enough it will break the universe with the divinity by suspending natural laws, cause ripples in the universe like very strong gravity does. Deep inside our hearts are thoughts so pure and unshakable that miracles happen around us, and we miss them because we dont pay attention or because impure thoughts twist the manifestation of our deepest purest desires. They always come true. I think this is what makes each of us unique. the universe is in perfect harmony. this is a cognitive bias that is one of the strongest ones. It is from beyond the universe. We step into it by faith. I'll write about it in the next my next article.( powerful cognitive biases and principalities 2). can you guess what my cognitive bias is from my pinterest pins. I wish i could sort them by time so you could see it unfold. Search for Ambuj Kumar on pinterest. The one with the kevin spacey profile pic. find out your most innermost thought! The soul is infinite says bhagwad gita. Love is the answer.