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Preparing veg- MO:MO

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1. Flour

2. Water

3. Potato

4. Peas

5. Onion

6. Cabbage

7. Tomato

8. Green chilly

9. Green corriander

10. Mustard oil


1. Flour is mixed with water and doughis prepared.

2. Boiled potatoes are peeled up and crushed by mixing with chopped onion, cabbage,green chilly ,peas ,etc. The well mixture is mixed and fried in hot oil.

3. Small balls are taken out from dough and flattened with the help of rolling pin to make small layer.

4. The mixture is wrapped ineach layer and closed by giving required shape.

5. The balls are kept on the upper part of the momo cooking case and covered it with lid .

6. The cooked momo is taken out and served with pickle..

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