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Prepping for Spooky Season: The Must-Have's

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I know, I know... it's mid-September, but if you wait too long, October might flash by before you've even had time to enjoy the fall! So while we're still experiencing some shorts and tank top weather, it's important to start getting our must-haves ready!

First an obvious one: you need to have some movies in your queue. And they don't need to be scary! I'm not a big horror person; you won't catch me watching Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring next month, but I've already tracked down It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Next: blanket, sweaters, and knit socks... these are basically fall and winter requirements. If you haven't treated yourself to a new one in awhile, it's definitely time.

Good, cozy books (and don't try to call me out for calling a book "cozy"). Again, if you're a fan of all things horror, you might want to start reading Stephen King NOW because those books are hefty. Otherwise, I always find that Rainbow Rowell's novels fit the season, both in feel and for the fact that they all take place around the holidays.

And, of course, the fall food. Sweet potatoes soup, pumpkin bread, apple butter, roasted pecans, coffee and hot chocolate... the possibilities are endless. Happy pre-fall!

 ( source: The Bohemian Introvert via Pinterest )

The Bohemian Introvert via Pinterest

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