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Pre-Travel Checklist: What do you need to prepare before your Cebu ravel?

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Ah, Cebu. The Queen City of the South. It is one of those destinations that foreigners don’t hear very often. People rush to the Philippines expecting beaches and sunshine, only to find themselves in the concrete jungle of Manila. Cebu is a little different though. Yes, there’s a city, but just a few miles in any direction, and you’re on a Cebu travel adventure.

Whether it is the sweeping hills and valleys of the inland region or the breathtaking shorelines of the southern tip of the island, there is always something to do. But like any new place, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here is a checklist of things that you absolutely need to prepare before your trip to Cebu, Philippines. 

Secure your car back home

Before anything, you need to make sure that you have your parking situation back home all squared away. Make sure that you book ahead and plan out exactly how long you’ll be staying. For example, in Seattle, a Parkos SeaTac airport option is just about the right kind of service you need. The main thing is that you need to make sure your vehicle is protected from the elements, in a safe and secure location, and is watched over to prevent theft.

A travel bag

A good travel bag goes a long way. Make sure it’s light enough to lug around the island and efficient enough to hold all your essentials. Keep your passport and your valuables with you at all times. The thing about Cebu is that, on top of getting lost in the scenery and people, getting to point B will take 5 times longer than expected. If you think 5 miles should take 10 minutes you’re looking at 30 minutes in the country and almost 2 hours in the city. Be sure to have a bag that can fit everything you need for these unexpected road delays.


Keep a swimsuit on you at all times. Because being on the road eats up so much time, having a bathing suit already on or it’s you makes for a great impromptu swim. Let’s say you rent out a motorcycle and drive to the Southern tip. There are dozens of secret beaches and cool spots to take a dip that are totally open to the public. But having to go back to your Airbnb or hotel in the city will set you back hours. Having things with you on hand is key. 


Cash. Carry cash. Don’t use your card. It’s not that your information would get stolen or anything. It’s just that 90% of all the establishments are still cash-based. When you withdraw, they’ll take $5 right off the top for a foreign ATM fee. Then you’re subject to changing exchange rates. So withdrawing a good amount of cash in the beginning and bringing roughly ₱5000 at a time (about $100) in 500 and 100 increments should cover any fun you encounter throughout the day and then some. 

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Cebu is a gem if you know how it works. Most online blogs tote the beaches and the coconuts and what have you. They never show you how to schedule, negotiate, and weave in and out of different areas. So do your Cebu travel research, loosely plan everything, and chill out of nothing that happens on time. It will not. Trust us. And that’s okay. ∎