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Prince Harry’s new job title means ‘penis’ in Japanese

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Prince Harry has a new job as Chief Impact Officer' at a mental health start-up in California, a place known in business circles as a 'chimpo.' 

Congratulations to him, but it's gaining traction in Japan for the wrong reasons. This is due to the word being slang for 'penis.' 

According to the Japanese news site SoraNews24, people were laughing at the work description, saying things like "I bet this news made junior high school boys happy" and "It doesn't matter what age you are, the word "chimpo" still raises a smile."

'Imagine if he came to Japan and introduced himself to officials as a chimpo,' said another. I'd love to see their expressions!' The title isn't exclusive to him; many businesses would have a chimp.

He happens to be the chimpo for coaching company BetterUp Inc, a development which was announced in March.

After the transition was announced, he told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to use the position to "make a difference in people's lives." He went on to say, 'Proactive coaching offers limitless opportunities for personal development, increased awareness, and a better life in general.'

According to the organization's CEO, Alexi Robichaux, Harry will not directly manage employees as part of his position, but he will be present at meetings and special company events. 

On BetterUp's website, the prince is now listed as a member of their leadership team. 

It includes a black-and-white photograph of him and identifies him as a "humanitarian, military veteran, mental health advocate, and environmentalist."