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Pro-Trump Hobby Lobby Display Sparks Controversy

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Hobby Lobby is back in trending social news again, this time with an in-store display that displays an obviously pro-Trump message. Online, many are now boycotting the store, leaving others to wonder why and how it's even still in business.

The craft and DIY retailer has been in the news before, mainly for conflicting beliefs regarding LGBTQ rights or access to birth control for female employees. The chain has been outspoken about their conservative and Christian values, so the display doesn't come as a shock to all.

"Since Hobby Lobby is trending, never forget they're they reason your employer can deny your right to medical treatment based on "religious objections". I have NEVER shopped there. Ever," tweeted @Bonniezilla.

"Remember that time Hobby Lobby illegally purchased millions of dollars of stolen ancient artifacts from ISIS?" tweeted @LuvMacyIsabella, citing a 2018 story of the chain being forced to return Iraqi artifacts. As many pointed out, the display may not be sanctioned by the store at all. It could be nothing more than one person's attempt at going viral online, but it does remind those opposed to Hobby Lobby's practices of why they refuse to shop with them. What do you think? Publicity stunt? A political message from the chain, or a customer playing games? Tell me below!