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PSG Talon have the highest active success streak in League esports at 11

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The 2021 Summer Split has been difficult for many MSI teams around the world, with several defending champions struggling to repeat their success from the previous season. 

With an 11-game winning streak through their first three weeks of play, PSG Talon, the PCS' current champions, has continued to demolish the competition. 

That makes them the League of Legends esports team with the longest ongoing winning streak. PSG Talon created a name for themselves following a strong showing at MSI 2021, where they advanced to the competition semifinals. 

The roster defeated several top-tier teams, including Cloud9 in North America, MAD Lions in Europe, and Royal Never Give Up in China. Despite losing to RNG in the knockout stage, they were hailed as one of the event's most shocking storylines.

And, unlike many other teams around the world, they haven't suffered from an "MSI hangover." This summer, Cloud9, for example, has a 13-11 record. 

With a 10-5 record, the MAD Lions are tied for second place in the LEC, whereas RNG is in the seventh position in the 2021 LPL Summer Split after winning MSI—though they did recently embark on a six-game victory streak.

Apart from RNG, though, there haven't been many teams from any big regions with long winning streaks this summer. This could be due to the intense competition that exists in the LCS, LEC, and LCK. 

It's considerably more difficult to win numerous games in a row when each team has a chance to beat the other. The PCS winners also include some of the region's most dominant players, with AD, carry Unified leading the way with a whopping 14.4 KDA. 

According to Oracle's Elixir, he has the second-most kills in the league with only nine deaths. 

River, his teammate, is the only player who has surpassed Unified in kills with 64, while also contributing to 75.2 percent of his team's total kills.

PSG Talon may have a chance to finish unbeaten in the regular season with only two weeks left in the split. With a loss against Beyond Gaming, the region's second-best squad, they missed the mark by one game the last split.