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Psychology of Satan (Part 1)

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Ever wondered why you perform or think to perform your most of the sins when you are alone. As there is no one to interpret the devil to manipulate you. "Empty mind is the house of Satan", lack of presence of god's thought can make your mind weaker and an easy game for the devil.

Bad thoughts, depression, anger, and hatred are one of the best weapons of satan. He just plays with your mind daily and you never noticed. Your bad thoughts and anger make him happy. He mokes on god, that "See what I have done to your loved ones". 

Our minds have grown up with these mindsets, they are so familiar to us that we don't even notice them anymore. Humans were made to be better than angles, now look at what satan has made us, we are worse than animals. We don't care about anyone around us, we are self-centered. We, humans, are growing worse day by day because the seed of the satan is capturing the root of humanity before it destroys us we have to cut this filth off.

Now the question is how can we defeat the devil, the answer is simple by praying and praising the eternal. Your presence towards God makes him weaker and defeated. Once a person asked St. Agustine, "God has created good things like angles, love, and affection, then who created the bad things like satan, evil and hatred ". Agustine replied, "God never created bad things, just like the darkness, it was always there. Whenever there is no light there is darkness, what all you need is to find the light and to be with the light to defeat the darkness".

Find the light and be with it, you can defeat the darkness and the satan.