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PUBG ; Player Unknowns Battel Ground a very famous survival game of the internet world. Anyone knows about the game from childrens to youngsters. Anyone loves to play this game. Some of are mobile Gamers and others are desktop gamers.

For those who haven't know about the game for him/them I want to say that this is not a game this is a future breaker of those who were playing it abnormally. This is a very addicted game for youngsters. In this game there are 100 peoples appeared in a match we have to survive till end so that we will get #WINNER_WINNER_CHICKEN_DINNER.

So,If you are addicted to pubg then these are the loses that you get in future

1. Decrease in study

2.Mind gets downward

3.Eyesight problem etc

These are the measure problems that you face in future. Then if you are concious about your future then stop playing pubg. Take your book and read. PUBG is always available in Playstore but not your future.

So,If you are playing #PUBG then play at least half an hour a day . Don't waste your time in this ways.

I'm also a pubg addicted but I sacrificed...only for my studies. After exams I'll don't waste you priceless time. Read and make future then play.