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Punching down isn't funny

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A healthy comedy is based on two essential parts, they are 'punching up' and 'punching down'. But before we jump into it, let us talk about one of the important phenomena of public speaking i.e. intention and impact. The intention has to be valid and positive, but the impact is the one that matters the most. Like a comedian cracked a joke on his girlfriend or wife with the intention to target the issue of makeup and the time taken by the makeup, but the impact of this joke on the audience was that they started to troll every woman around them as a makeup junkie or a time killer. These days less intellect causes the wrong picking up of impact. Next time you listen to anyone check his or her intention then take away anything from the speech.

Punching up means ' Laughing with someone ' and Punching down means ' Laughing on someone ', In conclusion, you can say that punching down is making fun of someone. A joke describing punching down would be, " You are so black, that if you walk naked at night no one can see you." whereas a joke describing punching up would be," Your pant is so black that I thought your upper body is floating in the air", there is always a bad impact of punching down whether it is on an individual or it targets a particular type of person.

Roasting is a pure example that describes punching down, the intention of a creator is just to have some cheap laugh but the impact on the audience is not good. People started bullying the victim on his or her social media handles. People start harassment and violence against the victims they just can't have this and people end up performing suicide as they can't handle these bullying. Cyberbullying is also a crime.

Punching down isn't funny.