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Purchase Property For Under $100?

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As one of my favorite animated cartoon characters says (Mr. Bean), "Hmm, I wonder?" I do indeed wonder...

I was recently researching an article about this rich person John Malone, who recently surpassed Ted Turner as the country's biggest landowner. His latest purchase of the Bull Ranch in New Mexico brought his portfolio to more than 2.2 million of land. And it bought it cheap, under $100.

Individuals are suspicious of the two financial specialists, hungry for land. The article suggests that some have dreaded they might be aspiring to make an enormous natural life shelter for themselves instead of for others based on their real estate writings -- a huge market today in itself. Anyway, others have speculated that it may be water rights the two men are after instead, considering it is the most precious in the West. 

Even though Malone offers an alternate response, telling the Land Report, "right now is an ideal opportunity to buy land, as a result of low expenses and low costs." He included that land "is favorable support on the downgrading of the money." 

He does make a valid statement. However, they aren't making any more land, and it's one of those items we are going to need a greater amount of in the coming years; particularly with the human masses moving to the top seven billion, not long from now. So, let us all get rich.

Nevertheless, the land is costly. Also, I don't envision you have a great many dollars to contribute, so we figured it would be a pleasant examination to check if it was conceivable to buy a plot of land for under $100. We calculated that was more in the domain of what we and our perusers could manage. 

So, this being the case, we scoured the Internet, paper classifieds, and web discussions to check whether anybody was happy to sell us a plot of land for under $100. What's more, we discovered amazing opportunities in the craziest spot…. 

Yes, eBay, has for some time, been a spot for individuals to sell their peculiar and freakish merchandise. So, individuals are selling little tracts of land for insignificant pennies. 

The vast majority of the plots selling for under $100 are presumably not worth a lot, yet it makes you think – if Manifest Destiny is yet healthy, is it conceivable that 1/2 section of land in the Utah boonies may merit something sometime in the not so distant future? If you can buy property beneath advertise appreciation, definitely Walmart will pay you to twofold for it sometime when they come up short on space for Supercenters).

The closeouts are for local plots. So, those of you with fantasies about purchasing an abroad venture property should experience a conventional course. 

Here is a part of the screen captures I took of late sell-offs that shut for under $100: 

A couple of tips before you buy… 

1. Ensure you read all the subtleties of the sale. Are there back charges? Are there any liens on the property? What are the end charges? I likewise found a few closeouts where the triumphant offer was an upfront installment on a lot bigger deal cost, so you should be positive you're offered is the cost of the last deal. 

2. One reason many individuals sell their territory is due to property expenses. The measure of duty you'll have to pay is dependent on the evaluated estimation of the land. If your territory is worth two or three thousand dollars, then the taxes may only be $30 or so a year.

In any case, you have to discover what you're yearly costs will be before creating an offer. 

3. When you've paid for your bartering, ensure you get your hands on the deed. If the vendor can't deliver a deed, then you have to contact Paypal to have the exchange turned around immediately. 

4. Endure it. Presumably, there isn’t going to be any interest in your land now, but buying land is a long-term investment.

And good luck. I hope this helps you on your journey to buying property under $100.