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Quebec Mosque Shooter's Sentenced Reduced; Induces Accusations of Islamophobia

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In 2017, a man walked into a mosque in Quebec City and continued to shoot and kill 6 people. He was sentenced to life in prison, with eligibility to apply for parole after serving 40 years. The Quebec Court of Appeal reversed the decision on Thursday, ruling that Alexandre Bissonnette, the shooter, would receive a shortened sentence, allowing him to apply for parole only after serving 25 years.

This comes in relation to the Criminal Code that was amended in 2011, which allows criminals to be sentenced to consecutive life sentences. The court disapproves of the amendment and stated that it is "grossly disproportionate," they said in the case decision. "It contemplates a possibility that will never be able to come to fruition."

This decision has been widely criticized and and some believe is motivated by islamophobia. "Unbelievable. This shooter killed SIX lives and it's unconstitutional for him to accept his consequences?" commented someone on Instagram. "The definition of double standard," commented another. 

Source: CTV News