Racial bias: a black physician was questioned "Are you actually an MD?"on a Delta Flight

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Equality, it is still a joke in this country. Discrimination is still happened everywhere.

Earlier this week, a black physician was questioned "Are you actually an MD?" by flight attendants while she was assisted other passenger on a Delta Flight. And the questioning happened after she showed her medical license to the attendants.

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, who practices obesity medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, was on a flight from Indianapolis to Boston Tuesday when the woman seated next to her started showing signs of distress, The New York Times reported.

Stanford began treating the woman when a flight attendant approached and asked her if she was a doctor. Stanford reflexively produced her medical license, which she says she carries on her at all times, according to the report.

Her license shows that she is a physician registered in Massachusetts. The letters “M.D.” appear after her name.

She says she keeps her license with her because she knows she doesn’t “look the part” of a doctor, according to the report.

In 2016, another black doctor was asked to show credentials when she offered to help a sick Delta passenger.

Delta changed its policy that year to state that flight attendants would not be required to verify credentials for people identifying as physicians, physician assistants, nurses, paramedics, or emergency technicians.

The flight attendant looked at the document and walked away, while Stanford continued tending to the patient. Another flight attendant approached her and asked to see the license. She looked at it and also walked away. The pair then returned to interrogate the doctor.

“Are you a head doctor,” one flight attendant asked, according to the report. “Are you actually an M.D.?” the same flight attendant continued.

The second flight attendant asked if the license Stanford had produced actually belonged to her.

“Why would I carry someone else’s medical license?” Stanford said she replied, according to The Times.

Stanford’s case draws renewed attention to ongoing racial profiling across diverse settings.

Picture is not related ( source: Delta Air Lines )

Picture is not related

Delta Air Lines

“I should not be called into question about something I have worked for my entire life,” she said.

The flight attendants ultimately told Stanford “it seems like you were able to handle everything,” according to the report.

She claims she was a victim of racial bias because she was questioned even after providing proof that she was a licensed doctor.

“It never stopped. I just couldn’t figure out why we were having this discussion,” she said.

Now let's see how Delta apologize to her. At the meanwhile, flight attendants' proper behaviors should be the priority of an airlines training, because they are the face of the company. I truly hope Dr. Stanford will get her respect eventually.

New York Times News Service


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