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Rain does fall after Chachoengsao villagers construct massive penis in a religious rain-making rite, believe it or not.

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According to the village headman, a giant penis created on a narrow dead-end road in Chachoengsao as part of an ancient local rain-making rite brought rain two days later.

On Wednesday, June 9th, residents in the Yothaka sub-district of Chachoengsao province constructed a massive penis on the road as part of a local rain-making ceremony. 

We covered it here, which sparked a lot of interest from readers.

Chamnan Kenthongdaeng, 52, the local village headman, informed Thai media yesterday (June 11th) that it rained around 3:00 p.m. and lasted around half an hour, two days after the religious rite to seek rain.

Another village headman in a nearby hamlet, Mr. Koson Samang, 39, shot a video of the rainfall and confirmed that, according to him, it was raining in the village where the gigantic phallus was created as a result of the rain-making rite.

However, Yothaka residents told the connected Thai press that there was still insufficient water for their rice fields.

 According to Mr. Chamnan, they are expecting additional rain in the coming days. Chamnan claimed that prayers to the phallus, representing fertility and new development, will continue, as has been a local tradition for decades dating back to his grandparents.

Mr. Chamnan further added that those who mocked the ritual online lacked faith and were disrespectful of the villagers' beliefs, which extended nearly a century.