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How are you coming on your reading resolutions for the year? One of the biggest barriers to reading goals is the accessibility to reading material. in order to read more, we tend to rely on subscription services or buy new books. That's completely fine, and who doesn't like supporting authors by buying their books? However, many families can't spare the expense for even one book a month. So, here are a few options to find free books to read this year!

You can never go wrong with your public library. There may be wait lists for new releases, but with nothing but a card, you have access to thousands of titles, and some libraries even participate online! Almost everyone can get access to a library, so I definitely recommend getting a library card if you don't already have one. With that card, you can use services like OverDrive, which allows you to access even more online titles-- just connect your library card number!

Project Gutenberg is another favorite of mine. They offer over 45,000 books for free-- no registration required! These books are also available in Kindle, HTML, and plain text formats, so you don't even need a fancy e-reader to access them. Services like Open Library, and PDF Books World operate similarly, especially if you're looking for a classic title. Check for books in the public domain for the greatest accessibility!

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