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Real Life Willy Wonka: Jelly Belly Creator's 'Gold Ticket' Offers the Chance to Win a Candy Factory

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Every kid's dream is coming true right now. David Klein, the eccentric creator of Jelly Belly brand jellybeans, has announced a nationwide "ultimate treasure hunt" in which winners are promised a chance at the ultimate prize: the key to a candy factory.

Klein wrote in a statement to Fox of his intention to retire, and his wish to pass a factory-- not his whole empire, notably-- to a new candy enthusiast. So he devised a plan to place gold tickets, in this case gold-appearing necklaces with a code, in each U.S. state, and sell hints to find them on a website.

Both the Facebook group and the site are vague about the details. Entry into the treasure hunt costs $50, definitely more than a candy bar in the movie inspiration! Some may purchase entry in more than one state, but there's no telling where the ticket may be in each region. Some wonder whether they might spend thousands in travel just to find a necklace.

Many have expressed skepticism over the whole thing. Perhaps, some suggest, it's nothing more than a money grab, and the promise of $5000 to the lucky finders of the tickets is a fool's dream. Others note that it may be impossible to find, or otherwise improbable. Even more claim that the key to the candy factory seems far-fetched, while others insist that Klein is just zany enough to match the Wonka dream.

If you dream of $5000, a candy factory, and a paid candy making course, go to The website has been loaded with traffic, and has had frequent crashes, so you may also try the Facebook group of the same name.