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'Real Tarzan' Has Lived In Jungle For 41 Years And Has 'No Idea' About Who Women Are

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A man known as the 'Real-Life Tarzan' lived in the jungle for over 40 years and had 'no idea' that women existed.

Ho Van Lang lived in the Vietnamese jungle with his dad Ho Van Thanh and brother Tri for over forty years without any trace of women. Lang’s father had escaped the modern life of Vietnamese society back in 1972 when his wife and children were killed by a US airstrike during the Vietnam War. And since then, he and his remaining children have stayed in the woods.

Their story has recently been documented by Docastaway, and it reveals that throughout their lives Lang and his family have interacted with only a few people. Living in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province, Lang has survived mainly by feeding on fruit, honey, rat, snake, lizard, monkey and frog.

Lang remained in Tay Tra for several years until he along with his family was rescued 8 years ago. He was rehabilitated to a village, where for the first time, he came to know about the existence of women. According to reports, Lang wasn't aware of their existence, as his father had never told him about them.

Alvaro Cerezo, who tracked Lang and his family down in November 2015, said: "More surprising still is that today, despite being able to distinguish between men and women, he still doesn't know the essential difference between them. I can confirm that Lang has never had the minimum sexual desire and his reproductive instinct has never shown its head in any of its many facets.”

Lang has been described as a "baby in a man's body", with very little understanding of "many basic social concepts". His brother said: "Lang has spent his whole life in the jungle. So his brain is just like a baby. If I asked Lang to beat someone, he would do it severely. He doesn't know the difference between good and bad. Lang is just a child.”

"He doesn't know anything. Most people know what is good or bad in life, but my brother doesn't. If I asked Lang to stab someone with a knife, he would do it without thinking and that person could die."

However, despite having been removed from civilisation for much of his life, Mr Cerezo said Lang is very peaceful. “Lang was probably the most adorable human I have ever met in my life, he just doesn't know what is good or bad," he said.