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Reddit Accuses Wayfair Of Child Trafficking; The Furniture Giant Answers Back

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Overpriced cabinets or a human-trafficking racket? Reddit’s conspiracy claws spare no target. In a recent and rather amusing row, Reddit users have accused the e-commerce furniture giant Wayfair of trafficking children in the wake of expensive furniture merchandise. On Thursday, a Reddit user posted a catalogue of Wayfair wardrobes, all priced at five figures, named after humans. The user suggested that the cabinets were too pricey for their kind, giving rise to speculations that the cabinet identities were, in turn, names of real humans who were being smuggled by the home-goods retailer.

The Reddit conspiracy spread like wildfire, social media jumped in with its own commentary, and theories emerged, often with little evidence, from different parts of the internet accusing Wayfair of human trafficking. The conspiracy proponents have also used a Russian search engine to look for the Stock Keeping Units (SKU) of Wayfair products, and their search results returned with pictures of children in bathing suits.

Wayfair; however, has categorically denied all allegations. “There is, of course, no truth to these claims," Susan Frechette, a Wayfair spokeswoman told FOX Business in an email Friday. "The products in question are industrial grade cabinets that are accurately priced.”

Following the controversy, Wayfair has removed the cabinets from its online inventory listing. Wayfair is also reportedly planning to rename its products, while also using new pictures and descriptions to market the cabinets once the situation resolves.

The Reddit conspiracy screenshot is available all over social media. It shows four storage cabinets with products named Neriah, Yaritza, Samiyah and Alyvia ranging in price between $12,699.99 and $14,499.99.