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Reddit Theory Suggests That Pradhyuman Is Closested Gay

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Star of Indian Matchmaking Pradhyuman Maloo rejected over 150 proposals before finally falling for a model, Rushali Rai. However, even that fairytale did not last long. The jewellery designer had revealed in an interview with L.A. times, that he and Rushali split owing to unresolvable differences. For matchmaker Sima Taparia, Pradhyuman was one of the most exhausting clients. In fact, she had even suggested him to see a life coach. Pradhyuman’s high standards were often deemed problematic, and sometimes his disregard of women was downright chauvinistic. A Reddit user has theorized the reasons behind Pradhyuman’s troublesome behaviour. And after a rigorous discussion in his thread, people are concluding that Pradhyuman probably is gay.  

User johnnyfr0stbyte recently took to Reddit to vent his frustration about Pradhyuman. In an angry rant, the user called Pradhyuman the ‘worst’ character on Indian Matchmaking and shunned him for his deeply misogynistic behaviour.

The user’s reaction was met with overwhelming approval. People allegedly pointed out that Pradhyuman was gay, and used the theory to explain why he had been rejecting girls all along.

BadBunnyBrigade provided an in-depth analysis of the issue. “That's my exact thought. I don't think he's a terrible/shitty person, I just think that there are a lot of men who come from very religious and well-to-do families who have expectations of how men and women should be. It's not to say that all families are this way, but there are enough of them that even if gay sex is legal, same-sex marriage still isn't (as far as I know) so it's really difficult for a lot of men (and women as well) to come out. That may be why he has such high standards and turns down matches,” the user said. “In all honesty, we might be completely wrong about this. But, just after a few minutes of seeing him talk on screen, mannerisms, his behaviour, dressing, etc., I'm definitely thinking he's gay.” 

Another user pointed out that Pradhyuman is probably a closeted gay, or that he is still contemplating about his sexuality. Because not finding the ‘right’ girl even after 150 considerations seems unnatural.