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Religion and Politics? Oh, we are so over it!

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Okay, so any news what's happening around? Corona? No, it's like a new normal now. Anything else? Maybe politics or something related to religion? Well, yes this is it. This is what brings people close, Nokia's was just a lie.

Let's start with the fact because nobody states that these days. So, India is a nation of many religions and beliefs. Some people say we are a Hindu nation, some say otherwise. More often than not, we are described as a secular nation. But which is true? And why, if at all, does it matter? The merging of politics and religion has not been good for the country because it blurs the lines of what is acceptable and what is not. This has been happening for forever now. Today it seems like no politician can run for office unless he or she states emphatically about Hindu-Muslim relation. I mean come up with better tactics now, it's so 80s. What do you think we are? Boomers? Some people here make everything about religion. If a person does something, instead of questioning him individually, what do our media and politicians do? Question his actions? No, they bring in his religion and woah it becomes the talk of the nation. I can't help but question if communal riots are the new thing in India? Remember, Delhi Riots? Yes, the one where we came up as a big joke in front of the world because it became an international affair. So, I was saying, almost half a year passed since the Delhi riots but things haven't changed much. Before the victims of one communal riot could be bought to justice another one stares at our faces in the form of Bangalore riots. What's worse is religion has become a matter of dignity and ego? And it's actually become fine for people to do anything in the name of religion. Not to forget that one religious group supports a certain party regardless of what it does or stands for implicitly or otherwise.  One religious group voted in large numbers for the current party in power, even though that party consistently favours the wealthy over the poor and disenfranchised. One religious group has continued to support the party in power even though that party has preached a kind of xenophobia and religious bigotry that is unconstitutional in many ways. While writing this it comes to my mind, did these people not study moral science at school or never heard the term "secular?" Or worst they didn't even go to school. Many young people don't want to be preached or moralized to by anybody, especially by anyone who they perceive as being hypocritical or judgmental in any way.  We believe in LGBTQ rights, racial solidarity, women’s rights. We don’t believe in the division. We don’t believe in religious bans or moral equivalencies with racists. It’s just not how we roll. We see some of the political leaders talk about their personal faith, which doesn't surprise me at all. Unfortunately, however, we are not hearing them talk as much about respecting diversity, multiculturalism or saying "no" to race hate. Instead, they are the causes of most of the religious drifts or in other words, communal riots. Talking about riots, what's with burning the public property? How can someone be so dumb? You boast about being one of the fastest developing countries and then you come out on the roads, block it, burn everything on your way and in that process forget that you are the one who paid for it giving taxes. Kudos to you! Instead of turning a blind eye to such things, won't it be better to check the facts first? Respecting your religion is one thing but being blinded by it is another. The end… or is it? With everything going upside down now in 2020 this was quite too much for your weak souls. So, what's next? OH, JEE AND NEET. Gotcha